Monday, June 26, 2006

Pictures from Halloween 2006

Yes!!! Finally!!!

At last I have found [some of] the pictures from last year's Halloween[, as well as resolved to ensure that I'M the one who downloads the camera next time.] XD

When I find the rest of them, I'll upoad those, too. But, for now, enjoy these; the Nobodys' jacket I'M wearing (blue wig) is the one you see me working on in NB's extention-blog "Opperation Make-One", which, in other words, it's the one that I made by taking my own advice (eveything I've put on this blog, including printing the FREE 12MB-download patern I personally designed), and thus is what your coat will look like (unless you alter yours) if you do the same.

The other one, the one my little brother is wearing (natural Harry Potter look-alike), was made from an earlier prototype-pattern which later 'became' the pettern I'm providing for you now. (except that... neither of ours is finished.......and I'm wearing my glasses 'cause I didn't have time enough to put my contacts in, and without either I'm as good as actually blind!) :*(

Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Prototype Trenchcoat, Oblivion, and KK

Believe it when I say it, because if it wasn't true I wouldn't say it, aside from the removal of some acne and cropping, THESE 1.?? MEGAPIXEL DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPS ARE ENTIRELY UNEDITED!!!

(note: the bright yellow one is a different coat entirely, and is only meant to show-off the awesome effectiveness of the one-way see-through blindfold) :-)

This Particular Trenchcoat's Shortcommings:
The protype here doesn't have a very nice waist because, the way I derived the flared bottom, there isn't a fancy seam down the back like there should be, and it has that ugly seam around the middle instead. The second prototype has it right (w/ vertical seam down back & no horazontal seam around the middle), but it really isn't finished enough to photograph yet... Another thing is that this one isn't tailored to my bodyshape yet. Once I tailored it, it looked absolutely fabulose; too bad I had to cut it all up again in oreder to make the pattern for the final, perfected version. *long sigh*

"The road to dawn," my foot! These pics were taken in the twilight of the summer-solstice! 0.0 (after which, as I'm sure you all know, the night just gets longer and darker---- darker until there is nothing left!.....muahahahahhaahahahaaa!!!!!!!!!) 0_o 0_o 0_o

To learn more about this particular cosplay, visit it posted HERE on my Fanart-Central account.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

My First Attempt EVER (never completed)

This was my first attempt ever at making the "Kingdom Hearts - Nobody" trenchcoat; my mom and I attempted to alter an already-made pattern.... didn't work, but I learned how to use a sewing machine! (even though, my mom actually did most of the sewing. But, thanks to my determination and perseverence, though, my skills have now surpassed hers. And, after we abandoned work on this coat, ALL of the sewing, calculating, and designing has been mine alone!)

Yeah, so this one might look good in the photograph, but it actually stinks; it's hot, heavy, stiffer than pure starch, white on the inside, and itchy-scratchy. AND, the hood is SO big that anyone who wears it up will look like Spaceballs's Dark Helmet. x_x

You can tell how stiff it is because there's actually no one inside it in this photograph; IT'S SITTING-UP ALL BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Song: "Another Side"
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