Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Prototype Trenchcoat, Oblivion, and KK

Believe it when I say it, because if it wasn't true I wouldn't say it, aside from the removal of some acne and cropping, THESE 1.?? MEGAPIXEL DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPS ARE ENTIRELY UNEDITED!!!

(note: the bright yellow one is a different coat entirely, and is only meant to show-off the awesome effectiveness of the one-way see-through blindfold) :-)

This Particular Trenchcoat's Shortcommings:
The protype here doesn't have a very nice waist because, the way I derived the flared bottom, there isn't a fancy seam down the back like there should be, and it has that ugly seam around the middle instead. The second prototype has it right (w/ vertical seam down back & no horazontal seam around the middle), but it really isn't finished enough to photograph yet... Another thing is that this one isn't tailored to my bodyshape yet. Once I tailored it, it looked absolutely fabulose; too bad I had to cut it all up again in oreder to make the pattern for the final, perfected version. *long sigh*

"The road to dawn," my foot! These pics were taken in the twilight of the summer-solstice! 0.0 (after which, as I'm sure you all know, the night just gets longer and darker---- darker until there is nothing left!.....muahahahahhaahahahaaa!!!!!!!!!) 0_o 0_o 0_o

To learn more about this particular cosplay, visit it posted HERE on my Fanart-Central account.



Blogger Patricia Montecillo said...

I was wondering, How did you make your Riku wig?
I am not allowed to buy things online, so I was thinking to make my own......
Please reply!
Thanks in advance!

5:41 PM  

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