Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Know Exactly How to Make AbbyShot Hate Me

Hate my guts, for that matter... 0:-)

*was just updating this blog and checked-out AbbyShot again, since I link to it, and discovered that they now offer a new KH item...*

Nobody-trenchcoat-style hooded jackets! 0.o I immediately fell in-love with them when I saw the gallery, but of course, at $100 apice, I thought they were WAY too expensive, (specially if you love KH so much that you'd want to wear something like that on a daily basis), as is customery. ~_~b

Because of my experience in making the entire full-fledged trenchcoat, making a 'hoodie', too, would be all too easy. Maybe someday, I will. >:3

PS: Making this guy's trenchcoat, AbbyShots' "Neo", would be even easier than making the KH hooded jacket! Again because of my experience in the making of 'here', I can tell how it's made just by looking at it! *gasp* 0_0

Man, I'm so mean to myself... Aside from the millions of keyblades I want to make tutorials of, I also someday hope to make blogs for: Edward Elric's (Fullmeatal Alchemist) trenchcoat, Your Basic half-circle/full-circle Cloak, Japanese Kimonos, Japanese Hakamas (those really baggy samurai pants), Your Basic Labcoat, The KH Hooded Jacket, and Maybe now the Matrix Coat (simply because one of the prototype stages I went through for the KH coat looks exactly like it!) rofl! XD

I love to sew----can you not tell?! ^_x


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