Monday, June 26, 2006

Pictures from Halloween 2006

Yes!!! Finally!!!

At last I have found [some of] the pictures from last year's Halloween[, as well as resolved to ensure that I'M the one who downloads the camera next time.] XD

When I find the rest of them, I'll upoad those, too. But, for now, enjoy these; the Nobodys' jacket I'M wearing (blue wig) is the one you see me working on in NB's extention-blog "Opperation Make-One", which, in other words, it's the one that I made by taking my own advice (eveything I've put on this blog, including printing the FREE 12MB-download patern I personally designed), and thus is what your coat will look like (unless you alter yours) if you do the same.

The other one, the one my little brother is wearing (natural Harry Potter look-alike), was made from an earlier prototype-pattern which later 'became' the pettern I'm providing for you now. (except that... neither of ours is finished.......and I'm wearing my glasses 'cause I didn't have time enough to put my contacts in, and without either I'm as good as actually blind!) :*(


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