Monday, December 18, 2006

OrganizationXIII's Uniform Boots ...... and Winky

Made Of: I think it's real leather! 0.0
Size: Womens' 9-Wide
Price: $16.86
Found in: Ladies' shoe section at Walmarts

I found these by accident while shopping for shoes w/ my mom... They were, like, the only boots there that didn't have spikes for heels. *shudder*

I reccomend these for anyone who's about to cosplay an organization memeber. Sorry to all ye manly men; even though they're almost a split-perfect match, these ARE actually ladies' dress boots. ^_~

PS: I love my kitty, and my kitty loves me, but hates camera flashes going-off in his eyes when he's trying to sleep). <3!


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