Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I'M NOT DEAD!!!! ....i think...

I know it might seem like I'm dead, but I'm not. And I DO have a little some'n some'n for you all. No, it's not the updated coat pattern. (But, mind you, my sewing skills are getting scary, and I DO have a new coat pattern *half* finished. It has a full lining, an invisible zipper halfway up the back for horseback riding, aaand.... *headdesk*)

I've discovered the wonderful world of papercrafting, and with it a whole 'nother dimension of cosplay ambitions. *maniacal cackle* >:-3

I ain't kidding, I searched for an existing pattern for this helmet (from FF7:CC) for EIGHT MONTHS!!! But, in the end, I had to learn the fundamentals of the artform for myself. And, now, you all get some more free stuff. The link will take you to my DevaintArt, where you can download the PDF as well as find some handy links, including one to someone else's pattern for the sword.

I fully mean to try this with some Birth By Sleep keyblades, but programmers smarter than me will have to blaze the trail first. :(
EDIT May 19 2011: Hay look! I uploaded a glove pattern! :D

(Click the above image to download.)
EDIT Oct 21 2011: This website (link) has just made me very, very happy. (I've been looking for that model forever!) In ref to what I said above, it now appears that said trail has been blazed! I've hit the ripped-OBJ jackpot. And can no longer help myself. >:)

It's all yours.
Download Terra's Helmet Papercraft Template from my DeviantArt (Textured Version)

EDIT Jan 18 2012: Afflicted and addicted!! More on the way. Maybe I'm just retarded, but each template takes me, on average, nine hours. And I tackled these three in a row! Ha, ha, ahahah.... (Edit: Feb 03) Maleficent's horns and a helpful How-To added! :D (Edit: Jun 05) Axel's hair added! I've also created a tutorial on how to make these which has been featured on Instructables Comprehensive Design & Construction of Papercraft Anime Wigs (Edit: 07/19/2012) My first keyblade template! :D (Edit: 08/15/2012) Ven's armor! \(^ . ^)/ (Edit: 09/03/12) Hearts Coalescence Keyblade and a six-pack of work-in-progress suits of armor including Aqua's, Terra's, and Master Xehanort's!!!

EDIT: Aug 17, 2012, 5:46PM

 HERE IS YOUR NEW COAT PATTERN!!! *explodesquee*

I literally broke into the game and stole it offa Riku's back!
Happy now? I am!! (^ _ ~)

EDIT April 2, 2012: Just a hand-drawn plushie pattern of a Shadow Heartless. I heard that the existing Shadow patterns on the internet were too complex, so my goal with this one was to keep it simple enough for beginners. Somebody already sent me a pic of one they made, and it came out so much cuter than I expected, so I decided to link the pattern here for y'all. Maybe tonight I'll hatch plans for a simplistic Neoshadow and a Shadow that has sunk into the ground! My dream of a giant Wyvern plushie will have to wait, though. :\


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