Friday, December 31, 2010


'Can't say it any plainer than that. :-)

Because I am only one person, and a self-taught artist/seamstress no less, I can't possibly do all the work it would take to guaentee that my instructions are flawless, the best there is, or even will yeild satisfactory results for you. So I hope that, instread, you'll just accept pictures of my own competed works as proof of dependablity.

If you look to your right, you'll find a link to where they have similar coats for sale at AbbyShot. Downside is, they're $500. Check out their gallery and see what you think. For some, like me, $500 is downright out of the question. (although, it probably cost me that much to develope the pattern from scratch, teach myself how to sew, and make all the keyblades to go-with, anyway) So, I'm giving you this pattern for FREE. I like the AbbyShot coats well enough, but my ultimate goal is to, someday, kick their coat's rear. And if the prototype is any indication, I believe I just might have. (there are pics posted at the bottom of this page, but that coat is not the final draft. Once I finish the final draft, and a few more wigs & keyblades, I'll take more pics and post them, too.) :-)

For now, you can contact me at:
(but once I get my official studio up & running, you'll have to contact me there, at that address)

Eventually, though I can't do it right yet, I want to set up a guestbook for site & trenchcoat feedback. I'm sorry but, not yet. *sigh*


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