Saturday, June 24, 2006

My First Attempt EVER (never completed)

This was my first attempt ever at making the "Kingdom Hearts - Nobody" trenchcoat; my mom and I attempted to alter an already-made pattern.... didn't work, but I learned how to use a sewing machine! (even though, my mom actually did most of the sewing. But, thanks to my determination and perseverence, though, my skills have now surpassed hers. And, after we abandoned work on this coat, ALL of the sewing, calculating, and designing has been mine alone!)

Yeah, so this one might look good in the photograph, but it actually stinks; it's hot, heavy, stiffer than pure starch, white on the inside, and itchy-scratchy. AND, the hood is SO big that anyone who wears it up will look like Spaceballs's Dark Helmet. x_x

You can tell how stiff it is because there's actually no one inside it in this photograph; IT'S SITTING-UP ALL BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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