Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Changeling Keybearer

Well, this is what I was waiting for. I've made a whole new, MUCH better pattern and intend to upload it and a whole buttload of printable stencils for keyblades and---most importantly---for completely accurate coat beads.

In addition, I've developed some extremely advancedly complicated methods of wig making using materials other than hairlike fibers that are great for anime, but am wondering if this deserves to be recorded in a craft book rather than given away.... I'll need to think about it. The wigs you see me wearing in the video above are, unfortunately, 1) not finished, and 2) really old bad back up version that I only used cause I ran out of time. The white wig is the unfinished one, and unfortunately it got stuck so the audience didn't really get to see it, which I didn't even know until I looked in the mirror after my performance. TT~TT

All of this new stuff is gonna be posted at from now on. I'm kinna just waiting now till I collect some cool graphics / pictures of my costume stuff in order to decorate and organize it all awesome-like. If I've learned one thing from posting on NobodysBuddy, it's that I talk too much, but divulge too little. Sorry folks; at least I hope you found me entertaining. ;-)

Err, my Jujutsu sensei choreographed everything up until I get to the Dark Keyblade, which was added as an afterthought because I was making one but didn't expect it to come out as good as it did. I'm sorry to say I did not even live up to his low expectations, as the kata he entrusted me with was founded in genuine Niten Ichi, pepered of course with moves inspired by watching Kingdo Hearts videos. (Notice Riku's signiture pose---first time to make SoulEater look like he/I had a wing, second time to make it look like he/was holding a heart floating over his/my hand.) It was lots of fun practicing, though. Most of those keyblades were heavier than real steel swords, so most of the time I practiced with wooden bokken. I study Shiden'issen Jujutsu; have for slightly over two years now, under Ryan Maza Sensei. [SiJ Blog] Our class has some smashing videos up on there. :}

As it turns out, of all the photos we took in San Diego, this short vid I requested be filmed as a gag shows my new coat off the best. For the time being, it still fits slightly tightly in the back between the shoulders, but I'll fix that. I like how the shape of the shoulders came out, though. Even though I lost the shoulder pads I bought... :(

After I cut the pattern out, it all had to be thrown together without its lining in order to get it wearable in time for the Masquerade, hence the squiggly zipper job and lack of piping. Due to a squish for time, I chose, rather, to alter an existing pattern which I knew already fit me. M5499 Dress B. (size M) Reduced the waist flare, cut the front open, expanded the shoulders, raised the neckline and added my hood from NobodysBuddy, and few other things. The seams, again, are not accurate, but I'm working on that. In general it fits wonderfully, and is terribly comfortable. I decided I wanted this new coat to be very 'armor' like, so the material I used was black canvas. One of the best decisions I ever made. I am now contemplating ways to add fabric armor-plates over the front of it instead of bothering with decorative seam lines.

PS: FYI: Ordered my zipper from Option: 49'' metalic pewter with extra pull. If you're planning to do anything athletic in this coat, make sure the zipper doesn't flip up and hit you in the head, is all I can say. Plastic, but very heavy. (Perfect for canvas.)
Song: "Another Side"
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