Thursday, December 30, 2010

BLOG PLAN... (note that all this stuff is not quite finished yet... links will appear as progresses is made)

PDF Files for:
  • Front-Right (main body)
  • Front-Left (main body)
  • Back-Right (main body)
  • Back-Left (main body)
  • ~ the reason there are four main-body pieces, instead of a mere two symetrical pieces, is because I'm reletively new at this, and am not sure how design something symetical that would still work right. But of course, you can still try to use just two of the pieces, but it's highly likely you will come across great complications (unless you are a professional, and absolutely know what you are doing, unlike me...) ^_^;
  • Sleves
  • Hood
  • Welt-Pockets

  1. Tutorial for Making the Beads
  2. Tutorial for Making the Drawstring and Attaching the Beads
  3. Tutorial for Folding the Hood and Inserting the Drawstring (cuz its kinda tricky with the pattern I give yeh, but whoops rear if done right) ^_~

Blog Extensions:
  • Operation: Make One! =D
  • ~ an in-depth picture gallery from when I follwed the very steps I lay before you now... (in other words: go there to watch me make a trenchcoat; I highly suggest you do that if you are having trouble making yours)
  • The Making of Ultima Weapon
  • ~ another in-depth photo gallery; this time, from when I made the Ultima Weapon keyblade... My brother says this is a very "cheap" way of doing it, but-GAWRSH!!! It still WORKS doesn't it! >.< (truuust me, not him---no, never him. muahahahaa... just kidding! lol) XD
  • The Making of SoulEater
  • ~ yet another in-depth gallery, just like the ones before it, except using a completely different method and medium from the one for Ultima... This method is better, but harder... Messier, but truely ideal! =D
  • How to Make a PBC-Pipe Kingdom Key!
  • ~ and yet another gallery devoted to the steps of crafting something----this time, devoted to the easiest keyblade of all! Tutorial not up yet, heck, pics not even taken yet, but you may still find the current blueprint very helpful. :-)
  • My Blog of Other Cosplays
  • ~ more spiffy costumes by... me! ...Eeeven though I'm probably not going to tell you how I made them this time. ^_~

Pics of the Nobody-Trenchcoats I've Made Thus Far...
  • Hallowene 2006 (pictures of the current and 2nd-to-current prototypes)
  • Blindfolded Riku (1st-prototype trenchcoat - of the series which lead to the current pattern)
  • 1st Ever Attempt (first KH coat I ever attempted---with help---but eventually abandoned entirely)

Other Crazy Random Stuff:
~ (just for fun)
  • How much does Sora weigh?
  • Just who IS this guy?!!!
  • Nothing much, just---COOL!!!
  • OMIGOSH!!! Ansem/somebody ish left-handed!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

...Aren't blogs wonderful?... ^_^


Blogger alice said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:23 AM  
Blogger NataLekku said...

Do you by chance still have the pattern available? I clicked on the link, but only received an error message. My husband and I are getting ready to make this costume and I would love anything that helps me not start from scratch. Thanks!


9:43 PM  
Blogger NataLekku said...

You can ignore my previous question. I found a working link in the side tab. Thank you very much for sharing!


9:45 PM  
Blogger Tanasi said...

It wouldn't let me download the file... It said that the link was nonexistent... T_T

3:54 PM  
Blogger Galaxial Fault said...

Ei, just wanted to say thank you for posting up your work here for everyone! I've always wanted to cosplay a KH character :D

2:26 AM  

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