Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Changeling Keybearer

Well, this is what I was waiting for. I've made a whole new, MUCH better pattern and intend to upload it and a whole buttload of printable stencils for keyblades and---most importantly---for completely accurate coat beads.

In addition, I've developed some extremely advancedly complicated methods of wig making using materials other than hairlike fibers that are great for anime, but am wondering if this deserves to be recorded in a craft book rather than given away.... I'll need to think about it. The wigs you see me wearing in the video above are, unfortunately, 1) not finished, and 2) really old bad back up version that I only used cause I ran out of time. The white wig is the unfinished one, and unfortunately it got stuck so the audience didn't really get to see it, which I didn't even know until I looked in the mirror after my performance. TT~TT

All of this new stuff is gonna be posted at from now on. I'm kinna just waiting now till I collect some cool graphics / pictures of my costume stuff in order to decorate and organize it all awesome-like. If I've learned one thing from posting on NobodysBuddy, it's that I talk too much, but divulge too little. Sorry folks; at least I hope you found me entertaining. ;-)

Err, my Jujutsu sensei choreographed everything up until I get to the Dark Keyblade, which was added as an afterthought because I was making one but didn't expect it to come out as good as it did. I'm sorry to say I did not even live up to his low expectations, as the kata he entrusted me with was founded in genuine Niten Ichi, pepered of course with moves inspired by watching Kingdo Hearts videos. (Notice Riku's signiture pose---first time to make SoulEater look like he/I had a wing, second time to make it look like he/was holding a heart floating over his/my hand.) It was lots of fun practicing, though. Most of those keyblades were heavier than real steel swords, so most of the time I practiced with wooden bokken. I study Shiden'issen Jujutsu; have for slightly over two years now, under Ryan Maza Sensei. [SiJ Blog] Our class has some smashing videos up on there. :}

As it turns out, of all the photos we took in San Diego, this short vid I requested be filmed as a gag shows my new coat off the best. For the time being, it still fits slightly tightly in the back between the shoulders, but I'll fix that. I like how the shape of the shoulders came out, though. Even though I lost the shoulder pads I bought... :(

After I cut the pattern out, it all had to be thrown together without its lining in order to get it wearable in time for the Masquerade, hence the squiggly zipper job and lack of piping. Due to a squish for time, I chose, rather, to alter an existing pattern which I knew already fit me. M5499 Dress B. (size M) Reduced the waist flare, cut the front open, expanded the shoulders, raised the neckline and added my hood from NobodysBuddy, and few other things. The seams, again, are not accurate, but I'm working on that. In general it fits wonderfully, and is terribly comfortable. I decided I wanted this new coat to be very 'armor' like, so the material I used was black canvas. One of the best decisions I ever made. I am now contemplating ways to add fabric armor-plates over the front of it instead of bothering with decorative seam lines.

PS: FYI: Ordered my zipper from Option: 49'' metalic pewter with extra pull. If you're planning to do anything athletic in this coat, make sure the zipper doesn't flip up and hit you in the head, is all I can say. Plastic, but very heavy. (Perfect for canvas.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oblivion Man

Heads up!

I just purchased the domain name, and sometime next year will make that the new home of this project. This blog will be left up as a tribute to the good old days, but I won't be bothered to try and tidy it up. As for when exactly might this change-of-focus happen, there is something specific I'm waiting for to pass before I upload anything more. After that, what knowledge that is mine will be yours.

Rather than wait to buy the domain name until later, I decided to make a subdirectory of it into an online base for my kimono commissions. will be the first active part of this new site. I'm aiming for the end of December.

Peace-out. :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I'M NOT DEAD!!!! ....i think...

I know it might seem like I'm dead, but I'm not. And I DO have a little some'n some'n for you all. No, it's not the updated coat pattern. (But, mind you, my sewing skills are getting scary, and I DO have a new coat pattern *half* finished. It has a full lining, an invisible zipper halfway up the back for horseback riding, aaand.... *headdesk*)

I've discovered the wonderful world of papercrafting, and with it a whole 'nother dimension of cosplay ambitions. *maniacal cackle* >:-3

I ain't kidding, I searched for an existing pattern for this helmet (from FF7:CC) for EIGHT MONTHS!!! But, in the end, I had to learn the fundamentals of the artform for myself. And, now, you all get some more free stuff. The link will take you to my DevaintArt, where you can download the PDF as well as find some handy links, including one to someone else's pattern for the sword.

I fully mean to try this with some Birth By Sleep keyblades, but programmers smarter than me will have to blaze the trail first. :(
EDIT May 19 2011: Hay look! I uploaded a glove pattern! :D

(Click the above image to download.)
EDIT Oct 21 2011: This website (link) has just made me very, very happy. (I've been looking for that model forever!) In ref to what I said above, it now appears that said trail has been blazed! I've hit the ripped-OBJ jackpot. And can no longer help myself. >:)

It's all yours.
Download Terra's Helmet Papercraft Template from my DeviantArt (Textured Version)

EDIT Jan 18 2012: Afflicted and addicted!! More on the way. Maybe I'm just retarded, but each template takes me, on average, nine hours. And I tackled these three in a row! Ha, ha, ahahah.... (Edit: Feb 03) Maleficent's horns and a helpful How-To added! :D (Edit: Jun 05) Axel's hair added! I've also created a tutorial on how to make these which has been featured on Instructables Comprehensive Design & Construction of Papercraft Anime Wigs (Edit: 07/19/2012) My first keyblade template! :D (Edit: 08/15/2012) Ven's armor! \(^ . ^)/ (Edit: 09/03/12) Hearts Coalescence Keyblade and a six-pack of work-in-progress suits of armor including Aqua's, Terra's, and Master Xehanort's!!!

EDIT: Aug 17, 2012, 5:46PM

 HERE IS YOUR NEW COAT PATTERN!!! *explodesquee*

I literally broke into the game and stole it offa Riku's back!
Happy now? I am!! (^ _ ~)

EDIT April 2, 2012: Just a hand-drawn plushie pattern of a Shadow Heartless. I heard that the existing Shadow patterns on the internet were too complex, so my goal with this one was to keep it simple enough for beginners. Somebody already sent me a pic of one they made, and it came out so much cuter than I expected, so I decided to link the pattern here for y'all. Maybe tonight I'll hatch plans for a simplistic Neoshadow and a Shadow that has sunk into the ground! My dream of a giant Wyvern plushie will have to wait, though. :\

Friday, December 31, 2010


'Can't say it any plainer than that. :-)

Because I am only one person, and a self-taught artist/seamstress no less, I can't possibly do all the work it would take to guaentee that my instructions are flawless, the best there is, or even will yeild satisfactory results for you. So I hope that, instread, you'll just accept pictures of my own competed works as proof of dependablity.

If you look to your right, you'll find a link to where they have similar coats for sale at AbbyShot. Downside is, they're $500. Check out their gallery and see what you think. For some, like me, $500 is downright out of the question. (although, it probably cost me that much to develope the pattern from scratch, teach myself how to sew, and make all the keyblades to go-with, anyway) So, I'm giving you this pattern for FREE. I like the AbbyShot coats well enough, but my ultimate goal is to, someday, kick their coat's rear. And if the prototype is any indication, I believe I just might have. (there are pics posted at the bottom of this page, but that coat is not the final draft. Once I finish the final draft, and a few more wigs & keyblades, I'll take more pics and post them, too.) :-)

For now, you can contact me at:
(but once I get my official studio up & running, you'll have to contact me there, at that address)

Eventually, though I can't do it right yet, I want to set up a guestbook for site & trenchcoat feedback. I'm sorry but, not yet. *sigh*

Thursday, December 30, 2010

BLOG PLAN... (note that all this stuff is not quite finished yet... links will appear as progresses is made)

PDF Files for:
  • Front-Right (main body)
  • Front-Left (main body)
  • Back-Right (main body)
  • Back-Left (main body)
  • ~ the reason there are four main-body pieces, instead of a mere two symetrical pieces, is because I'm reletively new at this, and am not sure how design something symetical that would still work right. But of course, you can still try to use just two of the pieces, but it's highly likely you will come across great complications (unless you are a professional, and absolutely know what you are doing, unlike me...) ^_^;
  • Sleves
  • Hood
  • Welt-Pockets

  1. Tutorial for Making the Beads
  2. Tutorial for Making the Drawstring and Attaching the Beads
  3. Tutorial for Folding the Hood and Inserting the Drawstring (cuz its kinda tricky with the pattern I give yeh, but whoops rear if done right) ^_~

Blog Extensions:
  • Operation: Make One! =D
  • ~ an in-depth picture gallery from when I follwed the very steps I lay before you now... (in other words: go there to watch me make a trenchcoat; I highly suggest you do that if you are having trouble making yours)
  • The Making of Ultima Weapon
  • ~ another in-depth photo gallery; this time, from when I made the Ultima Weapon keyblade... My brother says this is a very "cheap" way of doing it, but-GAWRSH!!! It still WORKS doesn't it! >.< (truuust me, not him---no, never him. muahahahaa... just kidding! lol) XD
  • The Making of SoulEater
  • ~ yet another in-depth gallery, just like the ones before it, except using a completely different method and medium from the one for Ultima... This method is better, but harder... Messier, but truely ideal! =D
  • How to Make a PBC-Pipe Kingdom Key!
  • ~ and yet another gallery devoted to the steps of crafting something----this time, devoted to the easiest keyblade of all! Tutorial not up yet, heck, pics not even taken yet, but you may still find the current blueprint very helpful. :-)
  • My Blog of Other Cosplays
  • ~ more spiffy costumes by... me! ...Eeeven though I'm probably not going to tell you how I made them this time. ^_~

Pics of the Nobody-Trenchcoats I've Made Thus Far...
  • Hallowene 2006 (pictures of the current and 2nd-to-current prototypes)
  • Blindfolded Riku (1st-prototype trenchcoat - of the series which lead to the current pattern)
  • 1st Ever Attempt (first KH coat I ever attempted---with help---but eventually abandoned entirely)

Other Crazy Random Stuff:
~ (just for fun)
  • How much does Sora weigh?
  • Just who IS this guy?!!!
  • Nothing much, just---COOL!!!
  • OMIGOSH!!! Ansem/somebody ish left-handed!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

...Aren't blogs wonderful?... ^_^

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Site: WHY'D I BOTHER??!!!

I'm sure a lot of you are asking this, because Kingdom Hearts may indeed be a cool game, but it's not something you'd want to center your life around... I have several reasons, so lemme' list them for you:

  1. TO EDUCATE. To teach people (particularly creative young scifi/fantasy-lovers, like me^^) how to sew, tailor, design, and be resourseful, est... in the ways of life-size three-dimensional art. DON'T BE AFRAID TO MIX/TOTALLY INVENT MEDIUMS! I set up this site in the hopes that the people who attempt this project will learn something that they may find useful later in life. :-)
  2. TO PUSH MYSELF TO MY ULTIMATE LIMIT. To create, not only an awesom, but quality costume that is, for once, worthy of the SquareEnix game it came from. (that was my personal goal, but small successes there have prompted both friends and strangers to ask me how I done it.......particularly in the case of my Oblivion.)
  4. For fun. :-)
  5. To practice my HTML, since I'll be launching my first real site soon. =D
  6. Just because. :-)
  7. ...I'm running out of ides... Somebody, QUICK! Tell my how this site has helpped you become a better person! ...Maybe reach a higher spiritual plane??! (maybe not but-- lol!) XD

Saturday, October 06, 2007

: : : <3 : : : In Memorium : : : <3 : : :

Last Wednesday night, one of my two beloved cats passed away after a brief but ferocious battle with bone cancer. You'll notice that many photographs of my work, featured here on Nobodys Buddy, also often depict a certain white cat. Unfortunately, he and Julius, for that was this cat's name, never got along and, aided by my family's odd housing arrangements, they were kept apart. It is tragic because only one of these houses had enough space for me to spread out with my art/hwk, and so it was there that I spent nearly all of my time, out of reach of my fuzzy gray friend. You'll notice that there are no other pictures of him on this site. I can't express how much I regret that, or how much I was looking forward to spending more time with him when we move only later this very month. ;_;

We believe he was born in 1990, the same year I was born, but we don't know for sure because he moved in with us off of the street in 1998. We think someone may have abandoned him. :*( He was such a gorgeous cat that we thought he was a girl, so I (8) started calling him Jewl, a name I [then] recently heard, and liked, from the acted remake of 101 Dalmations. But, then, dun dun dun, the vet told us he was A GUY, so we tried to change his name to Jules, but Julius stuck and we couldn't shake it. X-3

In the year 2000, my mom, brothers, and I all moved to Laurel MD, taking kitty with us. There, suddenly an indoor cat, whereas before we still let him roam free, he got quite fat. Then, in 2002, we moved back where we came from, and have been here ever since. He lost the extra weight and was reletively healthy for another three years. Then, he started getting old. He became dangerously thin, and even though he perked up a little after we had him treated for thyroid problems last winter, we knew in our hearts our dear friend couldn't last forever.

Three weeks ago, Julius stopped eating. At first, when he began refusing catfood, we thought he was just spoiled. But then, better and better, higher and higher up the chain of classy gormet, he began refusing everything we offered him; cold shrimp, goat name it, we tryed it. When finally he would take nothing but water, we tryed to force-feed him condenced milk with an eye-dropper, but none of us were very good at it, and he didn't like us for trying, anyway. At last there was nothing we could do, our cat was dying. He took to sleeping mostly under the sink and in our bathtub, but when he was found lying in a mess of blood, which turned out to be from a bad nosebleed, my mom took him to the vet, who said she's seen enough to know that it was bone cancer. The nosebleed was because it was mostly in his jaw, but had spread as far as his sinuses. ;_; No one deserves that. He lived to be 17.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Recent Emails & Old Untold Site News

Argh! I'm afraid I have neglected this blog for far too long! (My only excuse is that I'm really busy this semester... *sigh*)

Some people have contacted me via email with some very good questions, and I think the answers to these should be made available to any others who may just be asking the same. So, I'll provide a little background information (consider this a long overdue "Site News" update), and then a sort of FAQ. :-)

Hence Forth:
I almost made it to to the San Diego Comic-Con this past summer.... It went down something like this: after two months of hard-core non-stop costume-making, two weeks before the event, it was decided that we couldn't afford the trip. However, plans were made to go next year, 2008. And since, by then I hope my official site & business, Clipboard Studio, will be up and functioning, I may even rent a table, myself, and sell my art and costumes for all to enjoy. Plans are also in motion to do something similar at our local Renaissance Festival, which is in March, and much, much closer.

More importantly, or most importantly, part of what's keeping me so busy this semester is my new sewing class. I'm taking the first sewing class of my life at our local community collage; it's roughly 5h a week, but self-paced, and better yet, (I don't really understand why yet), I basically get to work on WHATEVER I WANT for a grade! =D (My first project will be this, to wear at the Renaissance Festival. For Halloween, I've got a WICKED-AWESOME original costume idea for the Angel of Death; if the mechanized wings work, I'll self-publish a book on Lulu.Com about how to make them. It will basically be the exact same thing as this blog and it's photo-tutorial. Same goes for how to make anime-accurate "ribbon wigs", as soon as I make a few more of them, and perfect my techniques.)

Ok, back to talking about my sewing class... My teacher was really impressed with this trenchcoat, (I showed it to her), and she accepted it as the "proficiency test" needed to let me skip to the second level. She liked that I make my own patterns and highly recommends that I take Pattern Making next spring. .....And that leads me to the FAQ. (I recognize that the questions asked were not asked in this order, but this order makes for smoother transition of thought, me thinks) :-)

I may have been allowed to skip to Clothing Construction II, but I still do not know how to take measurements of the body. (I think most people in our class don't.) My teacher gave us each a photo-copied chart and took several students' measurements, mine included. I asked her if we would learn how to measure like that in this class, or if it was a Pattern Making thing, and she said it was a Pattern Making thing. I created the pattern given here by finding a shirt with a bodice I liked (mostly for its hight under the arms and strait, narrow but loose-fitting torso------and it was actually a pretty purple flowered pajama shirt), and did a whole bunch of very basic geometry on it until it looked like the KH trenchcoat. Then, from there, I just put it on myself and did my best to tailor it to my body shape. The tailored and untailored versions are both available on this site; the difference is the choice of two read and black lines on the backs of pattern pieces "BR" and "BL"; that's the only difference. In the notes I left, I believe I stress multiple times that you should probably go for the untailored version, and then tailor it to fit yourself/whomever you're making it for. NOTE: As I had feared it might, the tailored version creates a "duck-tail". You can remedy this (as-is) by just cutting most of it off and rounding the rest out, but I now know what I should have done from the beginning, and that involves completely redoing the most crucial geometry in the entire coat: the flared waist. (if you want to try it yourself, before I get around to fixing it, here's the equation:

Sorry! Quick insert! This is the same exact process that I followed before, but the error was made when I did this before tailoring it. To fix that error, tailor the bodice first, because that will change the distance around the bottom of it, and then follow the following steps!)

  • CircleA is a negative shape in the center of CircleB.
  • 1/4 the circumference of CircleA = the whole circumference of the raw bottom edge of the bodice.
  • The radius of CircleB = the radius of CircleA + the distance from the raw bottom edge of the bodice to your ankles/the floor/wherever you want the coat to end + hem.

  • Use the radius of CircleB to draw a large quorter-circle on a HUGE piece of paper, or news/tissue paper that has been taped together to form an extra large sheet. (check to be sure that the two flat sides intersect at 90-degrees)

  • Use (the radius of CircleA - seam allowance) to draw a second, smaller quorter-circle inside of the first, so that they share the same point as their would-be center. (Yes, I did say MINUS seam allowance)

  • Cut. This is your pettern piece for the flared waist.

  • (to connect it to the bodice without adding a seam around the waist, begin in paper: tape the bottom corners of the four bodice pattern pieces to the inside edge of - CircleA in this order: front left, back left, back right, front right. Don't worry if the bodice pieces overlap, they will, but it doesn't matter as long as the corners don't. And Don't worry if the flat edges of the bottom of the bodice don't match up with the round edge of - CircleA; that's ok, too, but you may prefer to hike the bodice down a bit until the center of each of its four pieces touches the paper----aka, the circumference of - CircleA. From there, cut strait lines from the corners of the bodice pieces down to the edge of CircleB, thus separating the pieces of the bodice once again, and the darn thing is finished!) yey. 8-B

I've made other patterns based on circular geometry, and I'm tell'n ya, it's the MAGIC SHAPE for creating flare. The sleeves of this coat were not made this way, however, (because I wasn't that good back then), so I'm going to re-do them completely, as well. (They're not bad, but they're not quite perfect yet, either, and of course, we can't have that! lol) Definitely look forward to a second, spiffed-up & corrected version of this coat; how soon depends entirely on how fast I finish my Ren dress, my Halloween costume, and where I live in a few months.......don't ask. 0_o

Ok, for the SECOND time, back to my sewing class! 0_o

My teacher took my measurements, so here they are:

  • Height: 5'6''

  • Back Neck to Waist: 151/4

  • High Chest or Bust: 36

  • Full Chest or Bust: 371/4

  • Waistline: 30

  • Full Hip: 403/4

  • Waist to Hip: 18''

As I explained, sorta, I didn't really use math to make my trenchcoat fit; to assemble initially, yes, but not to make it fit. However, these numbers here were in existence then and not much different from where they are now (the original coat I made still fits), even though I did not know them, and so the coat was inadvertently/ignorantly made to these specifications. (FYI: I'm a girl, but the coat also fits my 14y-old brother, who is the exact same hight as me, just fine) NOTE: Also, the shoulders are a bit snug on both of us, so head's up. (no big math tricks needed to fix that yourself as long as you don't change the size of the armholes; estimation works fine......or so I believe.)

Dang this is a lot of reading. Sorry! ^_^;

Questions were also asked about the zipper... I never did find the perfect zipper, (as you can see in some of the pictures I've posted, I even tried to make one!), but HERE is the next place I'm going to look. Somebody else was cosplaying Blind Riku and mentioned it, and I thought it looked promising. I will post that site up there on the right under this blog's links. ...If you can get a custom-length zipper, that would definitely be best, because, as you can see, it runs the whole length of the coat, and the length of the coat is going to change for different people. (aside from drastically altering the pattern, just hemming differently will change its length!)

As for how much fabric you should buy, (for that was also asked), ummmm, let me go check. ^_^;

And as for the type of fabric, I think most people will want to try leather, "pleather", or just something that looks like leather. (Rain-proof stuff, because of "Deep Dive" and "Another Side, Another Story".) Personally, my favorite fabric is some mystery cloth I found on a remnant-bolt... I only have a little bit left, no more than four yards, but I'm hoping it will be enough to make the final draft of this coat that I will keep and treasure forever and ever. It's not shiny like leather at all, more cotton-like, but still silky soft, very, very black, more black than usual fabrics, medium-heavy thickness, but weight-wise heavier even than that. I'm sure this all sound like gibberish, but the good news is that my Sewing teacher thinks she can identify it by content, if not by name, if I bring in a piece. =) I advise you to buy a fabric that breaths, big time, but basically, just whatever strikes your fancy.

And now for something completely different... I was also contacted by someone who was having trouble opening up the zipfile... (I believe that was the problem?) Normally, I use a program called "Winzip", but we have to be careful not to update it or else they'll start charging us for it... *cough* 0_o ...However, if you find yourself unable to open the zipfile, here's a site where you can download a FREE program that will open those types of files for you. Hope that helps!!!

Oh yes, and I'm having trouble again finding where I stashed all those pictures that I still need to post on "Operation: Make One!"... *scowl* ...This is very frustrating, but I'm still very sorry for the long delay. There are HUNDREDS of pictures, all in a single folder, and even when I find them it's time-consuming, and a little overwhelming, trying to sort them all out and pick the best ones to post... And still the biggest obstacle, after finding them, is my little brother who likes to hog the computer day and night, night and day... (another reason I haven't updated in so long) But, luckily, here it all finally is, everything I've been dying to say for an entire season, and then some! ...yikes. (in case you were wondering, because of the length of this post, yes, I am in the process of writing a novel.....many, many novels.....not about this trenchcoat, no, but still scifi, definitely!) ^__~ *mysterious, knowing smile* :-B

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Know Exactly How to Make AbbyShot Hate Me

Hate my guts, for that matter... 0:-)

*was just updating this blog and checked-out AbbyShot again, since I link to it, and discovered that they now offer a new KH item...*

Nobody-trenchcoat-style hooded jackets! 0.o I immediately fell in-love with them when I saw the gallery, but of course, at $100 apice, I thought they were WAY too expensive, (specially if you love KH so much that you'd want to wear something like that on a daily basis), as is customery. ~_~b

Because of my experience in making the entire full-fledged trenchcoat, making a 'hoodie', too, would be all too easy. Maybe someday, I will. >:3

PS: Making this guy's trenchcoat, AbbyShots' "Neo", would be even easier than making the KH hooded jacket! Again because of my experience in the making of 'here', I can tell how it's made just by looking at it! *gasp* 0_0

Man, I'm so mean to myself... Aside from the millions of keyblades I want to make tutorials of, I also someday hope to make blogs for: Edward Elric's (Fullmeatal Alchemist) trenchcoat, Your Basic half-circle/full-circle Cloak, Japanese Kimonos, Japanese Hakamas (those really baggy samurai pants), Your Basic Labcoat, The KH Hooded Jacket, and Maybe now the Matrix Coat (simply because one of the prototype stages I went through for the KH coat looks exactly like it!) rofl! XD

I love to sew----can you not tell?! ^_x

Monday, December 18, 2006

OrganizationXIII's Uniform Boots ...... and Winky

Made Of: I think it's real leather! 0.0
Size: Womens' 9-Wide
Price: $16.86
Found in: Ladies' shoe section at Walmarts

I found these by accident while shopping for shoes w/ my mom... They were, like, the only boots there that didn't have spikes for heels. *shudder*

I reccomend these for anyone who's about to cosplay an organization memeber. Sorry to all ye manly men; even though they're almost a split-perfect match, these ARE actually ladies' dress boots. ^_~

PS: I love my kitty, and my kitty loves me, but hates camera flashes going-off in his eyes when he's trying to sleep). <3!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Nothing much just--- COOL!!! XD

Just who IS this guy?!!!

(note that, I still need to take a picture of the third version of him! Yes there's a third; though, I don't know who on earth who's played the game could possibly have not noticed that anyways) 0.o

Sunday, August 06, 2006

How much does Sora weigh?

THIS much! XD *lol!!*

Thursday, July 06, 2006

TUTORIAL COMMING SOON: making the drawstring and attaching the beads

...dun dun dun dun... @_@

TUTORIAL: Making the Beads

If it is deemed that not a soul on earth can read my writing, then I guess I'll have no choice but to type them up for you. :-)

PS: This is what they look like when tey're done, 'cept that I was still figuring-out this method when I made them, so they're not really the best example... *knows only used a 2-band bead 4 da middle one.....if u really like, u can do the same.....da posabilities r endless!!!* =D

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

AWESOME Passion/Sanctuary Midi ^____^

More KH Midis fer ur enjoyment ^_~
~ KH1:
OOO, OOO, ...
~ KH2: OOO, ...

. . . PS:
Oh yeah, and I found [this blog's background music] at HeartzBoyLinks! (MAN they have alot of stuff) 0.o

Monday, July 03, 2006

Monochrome 0.0

Spiffy new layout now up! =D

...You like?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Pictures from Halloween 2006

Yes!!! Finally!!!

At last I have found [some of] the pictures from last year's Halloween[, as well as resolved to ensure that I'M the one who downloads the camera next time.] XD

When I find the rest of them, I'll upoad those, too. But, for now, enjoy these; the Nobodys' jacket I'M wearing (blue wig) is the one you see me working on in NB's extention-blog "Opperation Make-One", which, in other words, it's the one that I made by taking my own advice (eveything I've put on this blog, including printing the FREE 12MB-download patern I personally designed), and thus is what your coat will look like (unless you alter yours) if you do the same.

The other one, the one my little brother is wearing (natural Harry Potter look-alike), was made from an earlier prototype-pattern which later 'became' the pettern I'm providing for you now. (except that... neither of ours is finished.......and I'm wearing my glasses 'cause I didn't have time enough to put my contacts in, and without either I'm as good as actually blind!) :*(

Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Prototype Trenchcoat, Oblivion, and KK

Believe it when I say it, because if it wasn't true I wouldn't say it, aside from the removal of some acne and cropping, THESE 1.?? MEGAPIXEL DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPS ARE ENTIRELY UNEDITED!!!

(note: the bright yellow one is a different coat entirely, and is only meant to show-off the awesome effectiveness of the one-way see-through blindfold) :-)

This Particular Trenchcoat's Shortcommings:
The protype here doesn't have a very nice waist because, the way I derived the flared bottom, there isn't a fancy seam down the back like there should be, and it has that ugly seam around the middle instead. The second prototype has it right (w/ vertical seam down back & no horazontal seam around the middle), but it really isn't finished enough to photograph yet... Another thing is that this one isn't tailored to my bodyshape yet. Once I tailored it, it looked absolutely fabulose; too bad I had to cut it all up again in oreder to make the pattern for the final, perfected version. *long sigh*

"The road to dawn," my foot! These pics were taken in the twilight of the summer-solstice! 0.0 (after which, as I'm sure you all know, the night just gets longer and darker---- darker until there is nothing left!.....muahahahahhaahahahaaa!!!!!!!!!) 0_o 0_o 0_o

To learn more about this particular cosplay, visit it posted HERE on my Fanart-Central account.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

My First Attempt EVER (never completed)

This was my first attempt ever at making the "Kingdom Hearts - Nobody" trenchcoat; my mom and I attempted to alter an already-made pattern.... didn't work, but I learned how to use a sewing machine! (even though, my mom actually did most of the sewing. But, thanks to my determination and perseverence, though, my skills have now surpassed hers. And, after we abandoned work on this coat, ALL of the sewing, calculating, and designing has been mine alone!)

Yeah, so this one might look good in the photograph, but it actually stinks; it's hot, heavy, stiffer than pure starch, white on the inside, and itchy-scratchy. AND, the hood is SO big that anyone who wears it up will look like Spaceballs's Dark Helmet. x_x

You can tell how stiff it is because there's actually no one inside it in this photograph; IT'S SITTING-UP ALL BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Song: "Another Side"
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